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CPGB - Comedy Punk Games & Books Podcast

Ryan Parker and Reid Pegram present CPGB: Comedy Punk Games & Books. New episodes available on the first Wednesday of every month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -

Jun 5, 2019

Conan O'brien and his writing team are accused of joke stealing and settle a major lawsuit out-of-court. Reid takes us on a trip to Wilmington, NC where he tells jokes to strangers at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival. A tale of two live shows, Ryan gives us a front row perspective on Yob and Garbage and the guys praise the coming of Mac Sabbath. Plus, tariffs encroach into the tabletop gaming world and the big news in comics: writer Tom King is leaving the Batman series. What else could we pack into this show? How about reports from Free Comic Book Day, everyone's favorite quiz show, Magic the Gathering Card or Metal Band and a fond farewell to Tim Conway and Roky Erickson