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Comedy Punk Games & Books Podcast

Ryan Parker and Reid Pegram present CPGB: Comedy Punk Games & Books. New episodes available on the first Wednesday of every month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -

Jun 6, 2018

Stan Lee's BILLION DOLLAR lawsuit against POW!Entertainment, Reid visits with "Name Redacted" podcast where he drinks 40 ounce beers out of a pint glass (classy) and does a comedy set with a shock collar around his neck at Monstercade in Winston Salem. A look back at the Cape Fear Comedy Festival in Wilmington and the Oak City Comedy Festival in Raleigh. Rick and Morty creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland ink a 70 episode deal. Network ABC cancels the reboot of the popular sitcom "Roseanne", because the show's name sake can't stop race baiting on twitter. Samantha Bee apologies for her controversial use of the word "feckless" on her show "Full Frontal". Michelle Wolf does the opposite of apologize for her scathing set at the White House Correspondents Dinner (read the transcript here)

In punk & metal news, the band NOFX loses its sponsorship and its spotlight gig at "Camp Drunk in Public" because Fat Mike can't keep his mouth shut. Reid renews his nerd card at a Bit Brigade and Mega Colossus show at King's in Raleigh.Ryan introduces the new game "Punch Shirt" at the Primus and Mastadon show and the best show the Ritz has seen this year: Descendents, Radkey and Pie Faced Girls, seriously this was the best show in Raleigh to date (read the Descendents setlist here). Tenacious D gears up for a new tour. Chicago's punk mega festival "Riotfest" releases the first wave of their band lineup (read the list of artists here). Chapel Hill's underground home for music weirdos, The Cave, is back in business. 

In game news, Reid gets excited at some of the new PS4 releases that are coming out in this summer (read a list of the top 40+ video games coming out this year.) Thousands clamor to attend new E-Sports Arenas. Batman the Animated Series is getting a board game and Reid is about to lose his mind about it. The Sengoku punk role-playing game Warsong gets a second edition (download a copy on DriveThruRPG). The new D&D source book Mordenkainen Tome of Foes shows up in gaming stores across America damaged (Ryan still doesn't have his copy). The new D&D adventure books are announced. Reid takes another swing at everyone's favorite quiz show "Magic: The Gathering Card or Metal Band?"

In books news, a small child throws a dead bird at Reid at Free Comic Book Day. Ryan tells you how to get one dollar comics for forty cents. Amazing Spider Man issue number 800 has 45 variant covers; is it too much or not enough? Ryan reviews "Uninvited Quests" by Lex Wilson. The 2018 Eisner Comic Industry Award nominations are announced (read the entire list of nominees here). We say good bye to Margot Kidder, Philp Roth and Tom Wolfe.