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CPGB - Comedy Punk Games & Books Podcast

Ryan Parker and Reid Pegram present CPGB: Comedy Punk Games & Books. New episodes available on the first Wednesday of every month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -

Nov 4, 2020

CPGB is going on vacation. We are taking a much needed rest and you should, too!

Jun 3, 2020

In memory of George Floyd.

Mar 4, 2020

Our special guest host this month is David Price, the founder and lead singer for the Raleigh-based death metal band "Eldritch Horror" and General Manager of Game Theory tabletop gaming store. We discuss the origins of Eldritch Horror, how the metal scene has changed, why he quit smoking for his band's sake, how...

Nov 6, 2019

A departure from our regularly scheduled show, we offer up an abbreviated podcast that contains a few gems from our earlier episodes. This is volume one of our "Best of Greatest Hits Solid Gold". This month we revisit an interview with the manager of "Goodnights Comedy Club" in Raleigh, NC, Brandy Brown, plus Reid tells...

Mar 6, 2019

Ben Roberts of “Punks and Panels” podcast joins us to discuss the DIY aesthetic of comic books and punk music, plus a review of the comic book “Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia”. We delve into the controversy surrounding the repurposing of “The Punisher” logo. Ryan celebrates Kevin Smith’s new venture...