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CPGB - Comedy Punk Games & Books Podcast

Ryan Parker and Reid Pegram present CPGB: Comedy Punk Games & Books. New episodes available on the first Wednesday of every month. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram -

Feb 6, 2019

We give a full audio analysis of Bill Maher's rant against comic book culture with our careful analytical dissection of his comedy and opinions (SPOILER: he's an asshole.) A preview of the 21st Annual Punk Rock Bowling festival in Las Vegas Nevada and a look ahead at the Iron Reagan show at the Maywood in Raleigh. Reid details his fishing excursions in the video game Red Dead redemption 2 as he prepares to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time in front of a live audience. The return of everyone's favorite quiz show "Magic the Gathering Card or Metal Band?" Our top reads for the past month including Brian Posehn's "Forever Nerdy" and "Die" the comic book. Plus a fond farewell to punk legend Lorna Doom and comedy actor Bob Einstein.